samedi 4 juillet 2015

Site down 04/07/2015

my site has been used to send spam, so our account is in and out of suspension, we are trying to resolve the problem ASAP , in the meadtime if problem persist I ll post updates on the darknest and hentai foundry The shina never dies

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Latest works and news :

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Site down after hack attack for at least 24 hours.

You know the drill :3 you can talk to me on  nick:
or on my hentai foundry profile

samedi 27 novembre 2010

Server is currently down

Server is currently down due to a DDoS attack.

Webhost is working at getting it back online.

Sorry for inconvenience.

lundi 15 juin 2009

The Incredible story of how I hacked myself !

Replacing things in order:
I work why a friend from wow on a gallery project for a while now, I mean the guy takes his time, (he does it for free can't blame it for that :p ) His name is Firel.
Anyways, I almost forget he was doing this for me.

Firel met a problem with gallery : it would need to differenciate Donator from current member, and actual passeword database was crypted, and therefore could not use the forum's password database without knowing the Crypting Key. So assuming I were too sick to be contacted or that I'd woudn't be working on the site later on, He posted as Admin, "please change your passwords (yeah exactly what I said I'd never ask you to do 2 days before that) I ve changed the crypting" (to one he knew and could use therefore for the gallerie.) Still Assuming I was slowly dying of whatever is afflicting me still as I am writting this. He didn't connect himself to skype.
And then Hard working sick Shina went to Update orders. Password not correct Oo Wtf
And admin speaking for me, 1 rst post ever? Firel disconnected?
Fuck I've been hacked, Avast did detect a Trojan and a bot earlier on.
It matches ! The son of a Bitch got into the log details!
So like a War machine, I head to the battlefield. Contact my host so he changes the passeword to the ftp.
In the same time on my other server (picture server i changes a few thing in the folder names so that all html links go unvalid. Pictures pop off the forum, the hacker is now in control of pictureless art gallerie).
Get the new passeword on a safe E mail, used another computer, to displace all content of FTP in a "new folder" So that the "Corrupted" Forum depops.
My webmaster connects Himself.
We've Been Hacked !!
Yeah the bastard even asked the members to change passwords !
-_- That was me...

Now the poor guy's is cleaning up my mess :<

dimanche 14 juin 2009

Forum under hacker's control

Hacker has entered my private computer and stole both shina and admin passes / Webhost passes
In consequence to warn you i shut down pictures witch were hosted by security on another server.
Recent saves have been made it's just a matter of erasing my computer and regaining control

jeudi 16 avril 2009
Tempory forum skin / skin temporaire
still under construction you can register again
toujours en construction vous pouvez vosu enregistrer manque 3-4 images. Et les section autres artistes